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All reports published by ACP-Corum are published in good faith based on the facts known to it at the time of preparation and do not purport to contain all relevant information in respect of the Financial Products to which they relate. Any projections are estimates only and may not be realised in the future. ACP-Corum prepares reports for multiple distribution and without consideration to the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs (“Objectives”) of any individual investor. Accordingly, any advice given is not a recommendation that a particular course of action is suitable for any particular person and is not suitable to be acted on as investment advice. Readers must assess whether or not the advice is appropriate to their Objectives before making an investment decision on the basis of this report. Readers can either assess the advice themselves or if they require a recommendation personal to them, they should seek the help of their ACP-Corum private client advisor.


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ACP-Corum, its associates and their respective officers and employees may earn fees and commission from underwriting Financial Products and may act as principal in respect of or otherwise have interests in particular Financial Products. For further information or to discuss any particular Financial Product please contact your ACP-Corum private client advisor.


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Any research analyst who prepares a document within the ACP-Corum Website hereby certifies that the views expressed in that document accurately reflect the analyst’s personal views about the subject company(s) and their Financial Products. The research analyst also certifies that the analyst has not been, is not, and will not be receiving direct or indirect compensation for expressing the specific recommendations or views in that report.


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Email Disclaimer: ACP Corum and holder of Australian Financial Services Licence No 285503.  This email message is confidential and may be privileged. Unauthorised use, copying or distribution of any part of this email including attachments is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient please forward the email to info@acp-corum.com.au and delete the original. ACP-Corum does not guarantee the integrity of any emails or attached files (together the “document”). The views expressed are the author’s own and may not reflect the opinions of ACP-Corum. The document has been prepared without taking into consideration any investor’s financial situations, objectives or needs. Accordingly before acting on the advice in this document, if any, you should consider its appropriateness or discuss it with one of our authorised representatives. ACP-Corum has made every reasonable effort to ensure the information provided in this document is correct, but cannot make any representation nor warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or currency of that information. To the extent permissible by law ACP-Corum accepts no responsibility for any errors or misstatements, negligent or otherwise. ACP-Corum does not accept any responsibility to inform you of any matter that subsequently comes to its attention, which may affect any of the information contained in this document. Please note that ACP-Corum, its associates, officers and employees may also have interests in the financial products referred to in this document by acting in various roles. They may undertake transactions in those financial products as principal or agent which are not consistent with any advice in this document, if any. ACP-Corum or its authorised representatives may also receive fees or brokerage from dealing in financial products.