ACP Corum Asset Management is an investment specialist backed by the scale and resources of a two independent global financial institutions – Ataraxia Capital Partners ("ACP") and Corum Vermögensverwaltung AG ("Corum").

ACP and Corum teamed in 2019 to purchase Tristar Asset Management ("TriStar") and subsequently changed its name to ACP Corum Asset Management.

Leveraging Tristar’s 15-year track record of Corporate Advisory and Funds Management experience in Australia and Corum’s 20 year track record overseas, ACP Courm has the experience and expertise to offer its clients bespoke Global Investment Opportunities and Solutions across Investment Banking, Asset Management, Capital Markets, Private Equity and Wealth Management and is well positioned to serve as a link between Asia, Europe and Australia.

Ataraxia Capital Partners ("ACP") is an Investment Management Firm with 10 years experience in Asian & Emerging Markets. 


Founded in Australia in 2010, ACP has has built a solid track record of identifying investment opportunities for its clients often resulting in very attractive returns.


ACP has expertise in both Australia and Asia and invests in listed equities, fixed income and private equity.



Corum Vermögensverwaltung AG ("Corum") is an Independent Swiss Regulated Global Asset Manager.


Corum was established in 2002 by Stefan Bucher.


The Company employs over 30 staff in Zurich and has global partnership agreements in place with all the major financial institutions around the world providing Corum with access to quality products, research and analytical support for its clients.



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